Building Confidence Exercise 1: Reliving Confidence

For this exercise you will be using internal visualisation. This will help you change your physiology and internal state into a more confident state.

As with my other exercises, Reliving Confidence is a simplified version of what I do with clients.  However, it is still very effective so be patient and persevere for rewarding results.

I recommend reading through the steps a few times before you attempt doing the exercise for the first time.

  • Stand up and take three deep breaths, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly until you feel relaxed and grounded. Close your eyes. Find your centre.
  • Let yourself go back in your memory to a specific time when you were totally confident. Abundantly confident.
  • Go back to that time now and fully experience it.
    As you remember it.
    Seeing what you saw and hearing what you heard.

   What was the very first thing that caused you to be totally confident?
–   Was it something you saw? (or the way someone looked at you?)
–   Was it something you heard? (or someone’s tone of voice?)
   Was it the touch of someone or something?

  • After you saw, heard or were touched, what was the very next thing that caused you to be totally confident?

   Did you picture something in your mind?
–   Say something to yourself?
   Have a certain feeling or emotion?
–   Or did something else happen?

  • What was the next thing that happened as you were totally confident?
  • After you saw, heard or felt that, did you know that you were totally confident?
    Did you picture something, say something, or have a feeling?
  • Feel the confidence building inside you.
  • Now think of a specific time in your future when you want to have that same feeling of confidence.
  • See and hear what will be there just before you want to feel confident. For example, you may be about to go for a job interview, chair a meeting, deliver a presentation in front of an audience, or make an important business phone call. You may want to feel confident about entering a room where there are lots of people you do not know, such as at a party.
  • Imagine the situation unfolding around you in the future with these confident feelings fully available to you.
  • Take three deep breaths, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.
  • Open your eyes, yawn and stretch.
  • Think again of that upcoming event. You will find you will automatically recall those confident feelings. This means you have already pre-programmed yourself for that upcoming event. You are feeling better about it and it hasn’t even happened yet. When it arrives, you will find yourself naturally responding more confidently.

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