Are you having a difficult time losing weight and finding the right weight-loss solutions?


Anyone struggling to lose weight knows just how difficult the process can be. Losing weight and keeping it off can often feel like an impossible task.

If you are truly serious about shedding pounds for good, then the most powerful, quick, effective and proven method is to have a personal Weight-Management Coach on your side.

Most people who are overweight or obese do not realise just how invaluable a coach will be; one who will guide them through the weight-loss process, who provides the proper information when they need it, the encouragement when times are tough, and the reassurance that they will succeed during times of self-doubt.

Having a coach forces you to deal with all of the different issues surrounding your overweight condition so that your efforts produce real results. They will help you discover all of the things that you are doing wrong when attempting weight-loss.

For instance, most people who attempt to lose weight have a hard time staying committed to their goal, resisting food cravings, stopping themselves from overeating, recognising their habits and preventing themselves from reverting back to the habits that cause their weight-gain.

Without having a coach it is easy to get off track because simply knowing what to do to lose weight, what diet plan to follow or what foods to eat or not to eat, does not guide you through the weight-loss process. Nor does it help you overcome any personal limitations or help you change the many habits that caused your weight gain. Having an expert coach is critical if you want to truly succeed at losing weight for good.

A coach has a vested interest in you personally and in the amount of you achieve. Just stop and consider how many failed attempts you have experienced trying to lose weight on your own! The negative psychological effects from failing to lose weight, the blame you direct toward yourself each time you slip off a diet plan or fail to lose the weight you expected, or how defeated you often feel each time you do fail can be devastating and cripple any future attempts to achieve weight loss. Having a coach who is compassionate and ready to lift you up, inspire you to action, prevent you from failing again, and assist you to finally succeed at losing weight for good, is beyond value!


My Pledges to Clients:

– Support: I will motivate, encourage and inspire you to stay committed to your goal when you get discouraged and feel like giving up.

– Belief: I personally invest in your success and guide you towards it.

– Sanctuary: I provide a haven to which you can go during the rockiest times of your weight-loss journey.

– Non-judgment: If you feel self-conscious about your weight and are afraid of what others would think if you failed, you may feel less intimidated by one-on-one support.

– Empathy: You will draw from my personal experience of being clinically obese for many years and successfully losing weight.

– Individual attention: Professional assistance is particularly beneficial if you easily surrender to temptation, lack the discipline to exercise and have tried – and failed – to lose weight on your own.

– Root-cause: Identifying what caused the weight to come on in the first place is a necessary step in permanent weight-loss. Past and current upsets need to be resolved and patterns need to be discovered and corrected.

– Goals: Together we set realistic expectations, manageable goals and achievable deadlines.

– Success: To succeed at losing weight, you need a customised weight-loss plan that fits your needs and relates to your particular circumstances. I tailor weight-loss plans to my clients’ individual daily needs. My weight-loss programmes have a proven record of success.

– Long-term results: I will help you make permanent lifestyle changes, teach you to eat a balanced healthy diet, and make physical activity a regular feature of your day. Clients who work with me are able to easily sustain their optimal weight.


For more information, contact Natasha on 07956 918629 or email

Natasha Fletcher
Health and Weight Management Consultant & NLP Practitioner


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